Pittsburgh Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Helping Minors Who Have Been Arrested

Young people can be charged with crimes just like adults. Juvenile cases differ in the way the case is adjudicated and in the penalties imposed. The Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz works with the minor and his or her family to help them move forward after a juvenile charge.

To do this, we work hard to get the true facts of the matter. When we are fully prepared in this way, we are able to mount a vigorous defense against juvenile criminal charges. If your child has been charged with a crime, contact Pittsburgh juvenile defense lawyer Melvin Vatz, to learn how we can help.

Defense for Juveniles Charged as Adults

Attorney Vatz has many years of experience in the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems. He has successfully defended kids against all types of charges, including:

  • Drug charges, including possession or distribution of ecstasy, crack, meth, marijuana, and heroin
  • Underage consumption of alcohol and DUI
  • Theft, including theft of services such as bus fare, retail theft such as shoplifting
  • Sex crimes, including child molestation, date rape

Our clients include Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh students, young teenagers, kids with drug problems, kids who have been in trouble before, and good kids who have never encountered the legal system before. What unifies this diverse group of youthful offenders is their age and their parents' concern for their well-being.

The Goal of Juvenile Justice is to Help, Not Punish

The goal in juvenile criminal matters is to help kids rather than punish them. We work with juvenile court officials to try to keep minors out of the juvenile justice system. We can help our clients into drug or alcohol treatment programs, have them complete community service, or serve a period of supervised probation. This may allow the charges to be dismissed altogether while providing the young person with the treatment he or she needs to move forward successfully.

If your child has been charged with a criminal offense, contact a Pittsburgh criminal attorney who is sensitive to the needs of young people. The Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz has been helping juveniles and their families for more than 35 years. He understands the emotional and legal issues involved when a young person faces a criminal charge.

From our Pittsburgh office, we serve communities in Allegheny, Washington, Butler, Beaver, and Westmoreland counties. Call us at (412) 453-3341 to schedule a free initial consultation.