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Defense for All Types of Theft, Robbery, & Burglary Charges

Attorney Melvin Vatz provides clients with a vigorous defense against all types of theft, robbery, and burglary charges. Many of our clients have never been in trouble before and have had no previous encounters with the criminal justice system.

Whatever the client's status, Attorney Vatz aggressively defends clients against charges, working to achieve the best outcome possible for their circumstances. If you have been charged with theft, robbery, or burglary, contact an attorney who works to protect your interests, your future, and your family.

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Experience with All Types of Theft Defense

Attorney Vatz has successfully defended people who have been charged with all types of offenses, including:

Working to Get the Best Possible Outcomes

Our Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer works diligently to defend you. He negotiates with the prosecutor to get the lowest possible charge and fights to make sure that you are not being charged with more than is warranted, even if a crime was committed. We also propose alternatives to incarceration.

In order to negotiate reduced charges and alternative penalties, he develops a defense for why your case should be worthy of consideration. He talks with family members, obtains character witnesses, and submits letters written on behalf of our client. Mr. Vatz understands that theft charges of any kind can be life altering. Careers, families, and standing in the community are at stake.

Contact an Experienced Theft Defense Lawyer

If you or a family member has been accused of robbery, burglary, or theft, contact an attorney with the experience, knowledge, and willingness to protect your rights and future with a vigorous theft defense. Schedule your free consultation today!