Unemployment Compensation

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Unemployment compensation provides an employee with a financial cushion after losing a job through no fault of his or her own. This is designed to help reduce any financial strains, while individuals seek new employment opportunities.

At the Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz, we offer comprehensive legal services to employees and employers. With our extensive experience representing both employees and employers in pursuing and defending unemployment compensation claims, we are in a unique position to evaluate claims and to provide effective representation in unemployment compensation hearings.

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Helping Employees Obtain Unemployment Benefits

Since 1970, our firm's attorney has provided high-caliber legal services to employees throughout the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and western Pennsylvania.

We have a clear understanding of unemployment benefits intended to protect employees from any of the following:

  • Plant closures
  • Layoffs
  • Downsizing
  • Market changes

After an employment termination, you may find that your application for benefits is denied, or that your former employer is challenging your right to compensation. Generally, if you have resigned from employment, your benefits will likely be denied. However, if your resignation was because of a demotion, a significant change in your job, or serious medical problems, you may still qualify for unemployment compensation.

Even if your employer fired you for performance reasons, you are still entitled to benefits unless you engaged in "willful misconduct." We analyze the facts in your case and present witnesses and evidence in your hearing before an unemployment compensation referee to help you obtain the benefits you may deserve.

Our employment law firm is committed to protecting employees' rights. If you were wrongfully denied unemployment compensation, or your former employer is challenging your right to benefits, allow us to determine how we can help obtain or protect your unemployment compensation benefits.

Defending Unemployment Compensation Claims

Although unemployment compensation benefits are paid out of government funds, a wrongfully granted claim will affect an employer's "experience" rating. This could mean that the employer's unemployment compensation premiums will increase, resulting in increased business costs.

We help employers defend unemployment compensation claims when an employee has been terminated for willful misconduct, such as intentional violation of company policies, or if they resigned employment without a legally sufficient cause. We assist you in evaluating an employee's claim and in presenting evidence to the referee at a hearing.

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