Sexual Harassment

Pittsburgh Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable. Harassment may either come from co-workers or supervisors and it does not have to result in termination or other adverse actions in order for you to state a claim. We provide experienced legal representation for all victims of workplace harassment.

If you have experienced harassment in your workplace, contact a Pittsburgh sexual harassment attorney online or call (412) 453-3341 to schedule a consultation.

Protecting You From Unwanted Sexual Advances

Our dedicated western Pennsylvania employment law attorneys bring over 100 years of combined experience to the table. We can provide you with strong legal protection against all forms of harassment in the workplace including issues of:

  • Hostile work environments: When an employee is subjected to offensive comments or physical contact on a regular basis, the employee may claim that they are subjected to a hostile work environment. The conduct has to be serious and frequent to rise to the level of a hostile work environment.
  • Quid pro quo harassment: Quid pro quo harassment describes a situation where an employee's job position is tied to the acceptance, or refusal, of sexual favors.

If you have experienced unwanted sexual advances, sexual jokes, workplace retaliation, wrongful termination or wrongful discharge, it is important to speak with an attorney to learn about your rights and your options.

We Try to Avoid Litigation

Litigation can be expensive and time consuming. At our Pittsburgh employment law firmwe can help guide you through an uncomfortable situation. If your employer has a policy in place concerning sexual harassment, we can hold your employer accountable in making sure the policy is followed. We will try to get your employer to follow the policy to address any complaints and attempt to reach a settlement that does not involve drawn out litigation.

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