Other Benefits for Injured Workers

Other Benefits for Injured Workers in Pittsburgh

Short-Term Disability Benefits & Workers' Compensation

People who receive workers' compensation may also be eligible for other benefits, such as short-term disability or union pensions. At the Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz, our Pittsburgh workers’ compensation lawyers know how workers' comp benefits can affect your ability to collect these benefits. Call us now to find out how you can maximize your benefits after a workplace accident.

If you have questions about seeking additional benefits, we encourage you to contact our workers' compensation attorneys for a free initial consultation. We can help you explore all available options after suffering a serious workplace injury.

Workers' Compensation May Affect Other Benefits

Your ability to collect other benefits may be affected by workers' compensation payments. Our lawyers advise people about the consequences of applying for other benefits while you are receiving workers' compensation. Some of the benefits that may be reduced or changed because you are receiving payment for an on-the-job injury through workers' comp include:

  • Pensions
  • Short-term disability from your employer or union
  • Social Security Disability
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Health insurance benefits

Alternatives to Workers' Compensation

It is important for workers to understand that they may be able to receive benefits from sources other than workers' compensation. If you are denied benefits through workers' compensation, for example, you may be able to receive short-term disability payments from your employer or union. If you are receiving workers' compensation benefits and are considering applying for short-term disability or other disability benefits, contact a knowledgeable attorney to learn how these benefits will affect each other.

If you have been denied disability benefits through workers' compensation, you may have other resources available to you. Call our Pittsburgh law firm, the Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz, to discuss your situation in a free case consultation.