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Why hire Melvin Vatz as your mediator or arbitrator

Over 15 years of experience serving as mediator and arbitrator in federal and state court cases
Diversified trial experience in employment and labor law, personal injury and civil litigation
Over 10 years of experience as arbitrator in private party arbitrations and American Arbitration Association cases
Represented both plaintiffs and defendants (employees and employers) so able to understand all perspectives in litigation


American Arbitration Association Logo

American Arbitration Association

Member of Commercial Arbitration Panel
Western District of Pennsylvania Logo

U.S. District Court for Western District of Pennsylvania

Member of Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel
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Pennsylvania Bureau of Mediation Labor

Member of Arbitration Panel

Cases accepted

Employment law

Age, race, sexual harassment, gender and disability discrimination claims

Civil rights claims

Section 1983 claims, police misconduct, First Amendment claims

Employment contract disputes

Non-competition clause and intellectual property disputes

Collective bargaining agreement arbitrations


45 years civil and criminal trial litigation experience

Areas of practice: 

  • Employment law
  • Labor-management law
  • Personal injury and workers compensation

Represented individuals, labor unions and small businesses 

Mediated and arbitrated employment law and civil rights claims in Federal and state courts

Courts and jurisdictions

United States District Courts for Western and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania

All Pennsylvania Common Pleas Courts

Alternative Dispute Resolution

the new critical stage of litigation

It has long been a reality that most civil lawsuits, both in state and federal courts, are resolved without ever going to trial. Many courts, both in the state and federal systems, require litigants to participate in early “alternative dispute resolution” to explore the possibility of fully settling cases, narrowing issues in dispute, or participating in a neutral evaluation of the case. These processes, whether it is mediation or early neutral evaluation, have become an essential component of pre-trial procedures, and it is important for the parties to be fully engaged and prepared for this aspect of litigation.

The choice of a neutral mediator, arbitrator or evaluator with the skills, knowledge and experience relevant to and required for your cases is an important decision. The alternative dispute resolution stage of litigation presents an opportunity for all parties, whether plaintiffs or defendants, to explore the relative strengths and weaknesses of both their and their opponents’ cases, and to consider alternatives to what is usually a long, expensive, and emotionally draining litigation path
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